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Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

From Rubbish To Rembrandt

What do you get when you combine a sizable blank canvas, a team of extremely creative, talented artists, and access to an entire warehouse full of salvaged goodness… nothing short of an amazing work of art!

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques If you follow Southern Accents on Facebook or Instagram, and you should, then hopefully you have seen a few picture posts over the past several weeks of our salvaged wood wall. We recently increased our office space in the upstairs area of our showroom. This construction project required the addition of a wall which provided an unexpected canvas and got our creative juices flowing! We looked at the wall and immediately agreed that it provided the perfect opportunity to showcase one of the many creative ways salvaged wood can be used. After tossing around a few ideas, Southern Accents owner, Garlan, pulled out his pencil and started sketching on the wall. What transpired from that point is awe inspiring!

Garlan’s vision came to life through the works of one our talented team members, Wayne. The first step in turning Garlan’s vision in to reality was finding the perfect tools. Where many artists use brushes and paints, our tools of choice were a stack of beautiful salvaged wood and bead board, a table saw, and a nail gun. The salvaged wood that we chose looked like a painters palette! Many of the wood pieces were covered with vintage wallpaper. Other pieces were painted in a variety of beautiful colors. The wood was gathered and transported from our wood warehouse to the showroom. Wayne began the tedious task of measuring, cutting, and constructing the wall covering. Piece by small piece, as if putting together a puzzle, the picture began to take shape. The placement of each piece of wood was intentional. The finishing touch was the addition of three beautiful, Greek Key style, embossed tiles. The result is a must see work of art!

We want everyone to know that Southern Accents is SO much more than just an architectural antique store. When you shop with us, you have access to a creative team who are not only available to give input and ideas, but who also have the talent to help you turn your creative ideas in to reality! Stop by our showroom, take a look at our salvaged wood wall art and talk to us about your next project!

February 28, 2014, Vol. 89

Wall Transformation

The new wall was covered in plywood which served as a canvas for our salvaged wood design.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

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