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Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Meet Mauldin

Jason Mauldin Jason Mauldin, affectionately called "Mauldin", is the newest member of the Southern Accents team. Mauldin was born in Cullman and a childhood friend of Southern Accents owner Garlan. Mauldin says, "I don't remember a time in my life when I didn't know Garlan. We grew up together in school and have always been friends."

After high school, Mauldin headed to Tuscaloosa to study at the University of Alabama, eventually transferring to Shelton State upon accepting an academic scholars bowl scholarship. Although at the time he never had any immediate plans of returning to Cullman, he eventually found his way back to his hometown and would not want to be anywhere else.

Upon leaving college, Mauldin enjoyed successful stints in the business world brokering freight for a trucking company and working in insurance sales. Not feeling satisfied with his work, Mauldin knew that he wanted something more. Not yet knowing what that something was, he approached Garlan, asking if he had any part time work in the interim. Garlan, at the time, had a huge salvage job lined up in Little Rock, Arkansas. He offered Mauldin an opportunity to travel with the team to Arkansas, telling him that if he worked hard he would pay him a fair wage. Mauldin had never held a job requiring physical labor, but willingly accepted the challenge and rose to the occasion.

Returning from Arkansas, Mauldin continued to show up at Southern Accents each day consistently ready to work. Garlan, whose philosophy is "work hard, play hard," presented Mauldin with tasks that were physically demanding. Garlan says, "Mauldin is incredibly smart. His prior work experiences required the use of his brain, never his brawn. The architectural salvage business is a hard, dirty, physically demanding job, especially when you have a boss that rides his guys hard! Mauldin was not accustomed to the physical challenges this business presented, but he was persistent and stuck with it. The first week, he could not unload and carry a door upstairs without assistance. This past week he unloaded an entire truckload all by himself!"

Mauldin recently confessed to Garlan, "Ending each day sore and physically exhausted is rewarding in a way that I never expected. Each day brings new challenges that leave me feeling as if I have accomplished something worthwhile. I have never been happier!"

When asked what his goal/dream was for this year, Mauldin said that he wanted to become proficient in a sport. This past weekend Southern Accents sponsored Mauldin in his first PDGA (Professional Disk Golf Association) Frisbee golf tournament. The mountainous tournament terrain once again presented a physical challenge to this Trivial Pursuit beast. Mauldin conquered the daunting terrain and finished the tournament. Passionate about his new found sport, Mauldin has joined a local league with plans to perfect his skills… perhaps one day soon bringing home a trophy!

Garlan expressed, "We are all extremely proud of Mauldin who not only has become a member of the Southern Accents family, but also an asset to our team. Mauldin is a team player. It is easy to see that he loves his work and takes pride in it. No task is too menial. He is always willing and ready to do whatever is asked of him and consistently gives valuable input into many aspects of this business."

We invite you to stop by our showroom and meet our team. Mauldin will be just one of the smiling faces here waiting to greet you. You can easily pick him out... he's the one wearing the overalls!

By: Lisa Jones

August 16, 2013, Vol. 62

New Arrivals

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Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

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