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Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Bobbie & Chance - Update

June 2012 we set a goal of sending out one informative newsletter per week to our subscribers. We wanted to provide interesting content centered around the things for which we are passionate; our business, family, and community. Our second newsletter titled "It's A Dog's Life" introduced our readers to Bobbie and Chance. Many of you have asked, so we want to take this opportunity to provide an update on the adventures of our two rescue pups!

Bobbie, who typically resides in the front window of the showroom, was caught this day doing a little sun bathing on the side walk. Activity in and around the store is typically done under Bobbie's watchful eye. She continues to patrol the area but these days her steps are a little more spry thanks to Chance who keeps her on her toes... or rather her paws!

As suspected, the biggest change over the past six month's has been with Chance. The cute little parking lot pup has grown into a 70lb horse! There is never a dull moment with Chance around. In the past six months he has consumed one sofa, approximately six dog beds and most recently a Christmas tree's worth of ornaments. His comical escapades include smashing face first into the glass door as he tries to catch the bugs... on the other side of the glass! Comical as it may be to watch, we often suspect that Chance may just be one fry short of a Happy Meal!

Chance's favorite activity is riding shot gun around town with Heather. Make no mistake, his claim on the front passenger seat of her vehicle quite often relegates Garlan to take a back seat, literally! 3:00 am walks to "take care of business" has Heather feeling as if they have a new baby in the house.

Together Bobbie and Chance are quite the pair, providing plenty of daily entertainment. Bedtime finds them settling down together, side by side. They have a true affection for one another. Despite the occasional frustrations of trying to train a lab puppy, we suspect that life without Bobbie and Chance might just be a little dull!

If you have the opportunity to stop by our showroom make sure you ask about the dogs. Most likely you'll find Bobbie snoozing in the window or patrolling the sidewalks. There's a chance that you will see Chance although he's currently banned from the showroom until he outgrows his 'active puppy stage'! If you missed their introduction you can catch their story on our BLOG.

January 10, 2013, Vol. 29

New Arrivals

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Visit our New Arrivals page to view this VERY cool light! This 5' long light was made from an old water heater. We think it would look awesome hanging over a pool table or a rustic kitchen island!

Home & Garden Show

Mark your calendars! Southern Accents will be at the Birmingham Home and Garden Show in Birmingham, Alabama on February 14 - 17. This four day "can't miss" event will be held at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center. For event details and ticket information Click Here.


Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Our new Special item this week is this vintage suitcase that we brought back from our recent trip to Philly. Great prop!

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